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On Track Handicapper Available For You Or Your Group

Greg "Boomer" Wry is excited to announce that he is now available to host you or your group as your personal handicapper for a day or weekend at the races! Rates vary depending on group size etc. Email Boomer for more information and to get on the schedule as soon as possible to: askboomer@Boomerhandicapsraces.com
Boomer Handicaps Races  
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GREAT NEWS! Boomer Spot Plays and Boomer's "Favorite Buster's" Exacta
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Dear Racing Fan: If you're still not a subscriber to Boomer's Spot Plays and Favorite Busters you're missing out on the best-kept secret in the handicapping game. We finished the month of January with a $1.12 ROI on our spot play service and a $1.15 ROI on our favorite busters. We're off to another hot start in February as both sheets continue to perform above $1.10 ROI. You can read what our customers have to say here:  http://www.paceadvantage.com/forum/showthread.php?t=66422

Our plays are available for order five days a week, Wednesday thru Sunday at our website www.boomerhandicapsraces.com. There are daily as well as monthly, semi annual and annual price plans (at a HUGE discount) available through the website. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at e-mail at

To Our Valued Customers: In response to overwhelming demand, we have been hard at work developing full card analysis that we will make available on big race days and/or by customer request (with 48 hr advance notice). The cost will be $25 per race card, the same rate we charge for a single spot play or Favorite Buster order.

We have attached a free sample, a Prairie Meadows card. We will have full card analysis available for both the Churchill Oaks and Derby card. These are available for order now. Prior to ordering additional special race day cards, you must contact Boomer at:

    • Boomer is pleased to announce Daily consultation for individual race cards and Best Bets across North America now available in addition to his pick 4 service and one-on -one course!

If you would like the racetrack or simulcast area in your town to host Boomer, contact us for more info....Thanks Boomer As always we welcome your comments and suggestions. Here's to your wagering succe$$!  to order.....<click here    Boomer


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"BETS: Boomer's Easy to learn Thoroughbred wagering Strategies"
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I had a chance to read your second book on my flight to Oklahoma last week. I thought it was great. In fact, I thought it was better than the first one. I like the way it teaches HOW to bet, not what to bet on. That is so important. How many really good handicappers do you know (this is a stupid question) that are great at picking winners but fail to make money because they don't know HOW to bet? Good stuff my friend...I hope you sell a million copies!!!!
Don Stevens, Track Announcer and Television Handicapper, Delta Downs

Handicapping Book 1st BOOK!!...and DVD Video...Boomer and Craig 'supplemental' video to the book....SEE DVD/VIDEO OUTLINE
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"HOW TO TURN ANY RACETRACK INTO YOUR OWN MONEY MACHINE" (and be just one of the 2% that do)
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NOTICE: Greg "Boomer" Wry offers private winning consultation for major race tracks across North America...confer with him on a daily basis, or take his comprehensive one-on-one seven hour handicapping course....If serious about winning at the racetrack, or vastly improving your own skills, contact Boomer at the email address provided. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE! Discounted prices for the scheduling of one-on-one consultations or group seminars!!

Greg Boomer Wry

Greg "Boomer" Wry

Professional handicapper Greg "Boomer" Wry, a veteran track announcer, handicapper, columnist and author in the field of horse racing with 25+ years of experience. 

Horse Racing HandicapperRead more about Boomer and his BIO...

    • By the way, I got your book in the mail today and one quick scanning was enough to earn my enthusiastic endorsement. Both newcomers and seasoned players would benefit from reading your comprehensive text. As handicappers, you and I espouse similar philosophies. We both stress fundamentals and place supreme importance on a horse's suitability to today's spot. Great work.
      from: Mark Patterson Television Handicapper/Analyst, Mountaineer Park in West Virginia

    • "From Del Mar to Albuquerque, Greg ("Boomer") is one of the most knowledgeable handicappers I have ever met. When not picking winners, he tells the kinds of stories that all true race trackers can appreciate." Ken Davis, Quality Assurance Manager, Daily Racing Form

    • "Greg Wry and I have worked together for years. He has the knowledge and approach to make you a winner. Experience like his is not easy to come by." Sy Bonem,National Raceline Founder

    • "'Boomer' offers angles and principles - developed over many years in the racing game - worth including in anyone's handicapping library." Barkley N. Porter: Hollywood Park Simulcast Coordinator

    • "When you couple Boomer's handicapping insight and his race-callers eye for horses, you have an unbeatable entry." Mike Joyce, noted television racing analyst

    • "Nicely done book. Learned more than I ever knew was present in the DRF, having been looking at it blindly for some time." Joe Bradley, Canyon Lake, TX, a recent book purchaser

    • "Read this Book! My handicapping has already improved dramatically after only one reading. If you are ready to become a serious horse-player, and want to take your handicapping skills to the next level (no matter what level you are) read this book! Boomer & Craig cover it all: Pace, Class, Par-times, Trends, Wagering strategy, Money-management, and something you won't find in a lot of so-called 'handicapping books'. Common sense!" Kevin Snow, Louisville, Kentucky

    • Dear Boomer, The best investment I made next to the entry fee to the Midwest Handicapping Championship was the purchase the morning of the tourney of your book How To Turn Any Racetrack Into Your Own Money Machine. You see I was very confident and in third place going into the second day when all of a sudden it was announced that it was going to be a wet and windy day at Hawthorne. All of my typical keys for betting were virtually worthless with races being taken off the turf and many changes being made. That's when I remembered your book and read the portions of chapters devoted to sloppy and muddy conditions. I am a casual handicapper who only bets fast tracks, so your observations were a godsend. I managed to win the first two races and hit a 12-1 shot two races later to assure a top ten finish. My only regret is that the format of the Hawthorne tourney calls for the ability to vary one's wagers and I was way to cautious in wagering the recommended method in your book. I now am a believer in the Boomer Wry way of handicapping, and I know your knowledge and experience as expressed in your book will be useful to me for many years to come. Thanks again, You are directly responsible for the purse money I collected. Sincerely, Rich Orzechowski, Barrington, Il.

    • your book is excellent. After being a 'capper for 47 years I didn't realize how much I didn't know. I will try diligently to put into practice as many of your moneymaking strategies as I possibly can. Continued success & be well. Scott

    • Online Review of Horse Race Betting Guide and Book
      Betting on horse races is not only a highly fun and interactive form of betting (in so far as being a spectator goes), it can also prove to be a very profitable venture on a consistent basis if done with an insightful and strategic approach. There is a book currently in press that has received several positive reviews, and is all about horserace betting. Deemed to be a book for anyone who participates in or is curious about betting on horses, this book covers everything from how to handicap a race to concepts that help produce more consistent winning bets. The title of this glorious guide is How to Turn Any Racetrack Into Your Own Money Machine, and is authored by Greg Boomer Wry. Some of the concepts covered are how to read performance stats published in daily racing forms, how to handicap horses, how to make money betting on horses, weighing track odds, determining race pace, how to rule out horses from a race, and why to consider racing qualities other than speed. The book comes with a companion DVD, which reinforces the principles introduced in each chapter. Buyers also receive free online access to pdf files that accompany many of the lessons in the book. The reviews on this valuable guide to horserace betting have admitted to being introduced and/or reminded of valuable concepts that far too often get overlooked in horserace betting. According to the book itself, betting on horses is not only about picking the best racers favored to win. In actuality, the favorites only win one-third of their races. There is an entire two-thirds of horse races that is fair game to the knowledgeable and smart horse bettor. By following the lessons presented in this book, the author guarantees the bettor will be confident in making decisions, and will have a much better chance of being part of the two percentile who actually make money over the long run just from horserace betting. A pari-mutuel wager is a great opportunity for bettors to put sharp analytic skills to use, and capture a steady return of betting profit on multiple races at the horse track.

    • Boomer, we met two months ago at Hawthorne and had a nice 15 minute chat where you asked me to let you know what I thought of your new book. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed "BETS", one of the better wagering strategy guides out there. I thought the strategies were much more useable than in Cristࢯok. I only wish our pic3 and 4 pools were a little deeper at Haw. I hope you do another book, for you probably have enough racetrack stories to fill volumes and I'd love to hear them.   Good Handicapping, Patrick Gibson










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